Notary Office Arsenault

Our notary office can provide all notary services, for example deeds of transfer of real estate property, mortgages,  (living)wills, prenuptial agreements and contracts of cohabitation, establishment of companies and transfer of shares. We also provide the necessary legal guidance with settlement of estates and inheritance tax returns and can help with legalization or certification of legal documents. On request we can communicate and provide the deeds in the English language. Notary Arsenault is fluently bilingual in Dutch and English and can therefore offer his services in both languages.

We are specialized in providing these services for Expats and Companies from the UK and USA.

Feel free to contact Mrs. J. Cassuto or Mr. K. Arsenault of our office, if you have any questions regarding these services.

Notariskantoor Arsenault

Hoofdstraat 303
2171 BG Sassenheim

Tel. +31 252 433 944
Fax +31 252 433 955

Mr. Kevin Arsenault

Mr. Kevin Arsenault


+31 252 433 943

Mrs. J. Cassuto

Mrs. J. Cassuto

Notary Employee

+31 252 433 940

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